If you are an independent practice striving to achieve quality assurance of clinical outcomes in your practice, the Community Care Physician's Network (CCPN) can help. CCPN is a clinically-integrated network through which independent physicians can work together to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. It gives providers the tools they need to be successful. CCPN’s objectives include:

  • Determining what supports and services physician practices need to remain independent and demonstrate the value of their services.


  • Creating a vehicle able to contract with Provider Led Entities (PLEs) and Community Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) charged with    directing the system under state Medicaid reform    legislation.


  • Working collaboratively with specialists and hospitals to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care and to control costs.


  • Maximizing the value of North Carolina’s medical home model and population health management infrastructure.


  • Enhancing existing relationships and partnerships with providers, community organizations and public health.  Collaboration among physicians and other providers is essential to improving quality, efficiency and value. These advances are essential for success under new approaches to physician reimbursement.




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