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News Updates | February 23, 2017

CMS Streamlines ICD-10 Resources

To streamline your access to resources, CMS has merged all up-to-date content from our Road to 10 website to our main ICD-10 site,

We’re now phasing out the Road to 10 site, with an anticipated completion date of April 3.

Please be sure to update all your bookmarks and links for to point to


After the successful transition to ICD-10, we noted that:

  • Visits to the Road to 10 website dropped sharply

  • Most users were opting to visit, not Road to 10, for ICD-10 information

So we’ve made your one-stop site for official CMS ICD-10 resources.


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ICD-10 Transition Form (DMA 3137) - Required for all State Plan Personal Care Services Beneficiaries


The PCS Policy requires documentation of each PCS beneficiary’s medical diagnosis or diagnoses, related medical information that results in the unmet need for PCS, and the current diagnosis codes associated with the identified medical diagnosis. In addition to this requirement, the PCS policy states that beneficiaries must be under the ongoing direct care of a physician for the medical condition or diagnosis causing the functional limitation.


To ensure that PCS policy requirements are met, DMA has asked that all PCS beneficiaries receiving services on or after October 2015 submit an ICD-10 Transition Form to Liberty Healthcare of North Carolina no later than the date of their scheduled annual assessment. The ICD-10 Form must be completed by the beneficiary’s primary care physician or the practitioner providing care for the medical, physical, or cognitive condition causing the functional limitation. To date, we have approximately 16,000 beneficiaries who have not submitted ICD-10 transition forms, a requirement implemented in October 2015.


Once the beneficiary’s practitioner completes the form in its entirety, the practitioner may submit the form to Liberty Healthcare Corporation of North Carolina, the beneficiary, or to the beneficiary’s PCS provider. Forms not submitted prior to January 31, 2017 deadline are past due.


Providers with beneficiaries who do not have a completed ICD-10 Transition Form on file may be subject to denial of payment and referral to DMA Program Integrity.