Mental Health

Behavioral health problems are very common.  In fact, one in four individuals are affected every year. Furthermore, patients with chronic conditions usually have behavioral health issues as well.  Often times, people with behavioral health problems delay seeking help.  The most common problems associated with behavioral health are depression, anxiety, and the misuse of alcohol and drugs.


Carolina Collaborative Community Care, Inc. (4C) has implemented a behavioral health initiative that addresses the struggle of treating the whole person and tendency of medical complications masking behavioral health issues. Care managers provide assistance in an endeavor to prevent the problem from escalating.  The initiative promotes recovery through education and advocacy.  When 4C staff recognizes symptoms of mental illness, initial interventions are provided and patients are referred to appropriate treatment and support.


There are many myths and misunderstandings about behavioral health. Lack of knowledge may result in denial and avoidance. With greater community knowledge, patients, doctors, and society members will be able to recognize complications earlier and be better prepared to offer support.