Through its pharmacy initiative, Carolina Collaborative Community Care, Inc. (4C) employs a pharmacist(s) to develop and pilot effective outreach strategies to achieve local and statewide pharmacy goals. The central role of the 4C pharmacist(s) is to coordinate communication among the patient, provider, care manager, and community pharmacist.  This is accomplished by assisting with the education, coordination, roll-out, and oversight of all pharmacy benefit programs within the network.  The 4C pharmacist(s) also serves as an informational resource on general drug information and Medicaid pharmacy policy issues for physicians and care managers.  4C’s pharmacy initiative is multifaceted in that it maintains direct contact with community pharmacists, providers, patients, and 4C care managers to provide medication related services.  These services include, but are not limited to, assisting providers with medication selection compliance with Medicaid policy and reviewing medications with patients.