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Now's the time to plan a Health Evaluation with your doctor, and 4C can help coordinate it.

It is recommended to take this time to sign up as a Carolina Access Medicaid enrollee if eligible. For more information, or to see if you are eligible to enroll, please contact a case worker of the Cumberland County Department of Social Services.

Important info regarding NC Medical Assistance Policies under:

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4C is one of the subcontractors to CCNC that provides Medicaid care management in Cumberland County and surrounding area; historically, 4C was one of 14 Community Care of North Carolina (Carolina Access II/III) networks.  Carolina Collaborative Community Care offers care management and disease management services to improve health outcomes and reduce Medicaid care cost. We serve Carolina Access Medicaid patients and their medical providers located in Cumberland County.


To date 4C has a membership of 80 practices, over 200 providers, and over 65,000 Carolina Access Medicaid enrollees.


The 4C board is comprised of community partners: Cape Fear Valley Health System, Department of Social Services, Cumberland County Health Department, and Alliance Health.


To receive Carolina Collaborative Community Care’s services, clients must be a Carolina Access Medicaid enrollee.


To become a Carolina Access member, please contact a case worker at the Cumberland County Department of Social Services. Enrollees who are dually-eligible, using both Medicare and Medicaid, are also eligible to participate.

Do you or someone you know need help?  View the Community Resources Directory 

provided by Cumberland County Department of Social Services 

or visit www.nc211.org.

4C Happenings

4C Cares About Your Mental Health

Here's a PDF Brochure about the means of combating a crisis here in Cumberland County; Click here.

We Can Help With Overdosing Challenges

This is a reference to additional aid to receive here in Cumberland County; Click here.

Upcoming Events

01/24 to 01/30

Healthy Weight Week

This is a friendly Reminder to All Citizens of Cumberland County. 

During the week of January 24th to January 30th, in honor of Healthy Weight Week:


  • We encourage physical checkups with your primary physician/doctor.

  • Drinking more Water, at least 8 8oz Cups, a day.

  • Light to moderate exercise within 15-20 mins a day, 3-5 days a week.

  • A balanced diet of a breakfast, light-snack, light-lunch, light-snack, and dinner.

  • Getting the appropriate amount of sleep, usually 6-8 hours, for healthy metabolisms.




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