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Carolina Collaborative

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Promoting a
Healthier Community

Carolina Collaborative Community Care (4C) is an NCQA accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in 2004 that offers care management and disease management services in Cumberland and surrounding counties.

NCQA Accredited Case Management Services for Over 3 Years
Care Management through a Blood Pressure Check
A Nurse and Care Manager
Patient Getting a Checkup - Patient/Enrollee Tools - Carolina Collaborative Community Care
Minority Doctor - Provider Resources - Carolina Collaborative Community Care
Shaking Hands - Collaborating Organizations - Carolina Collaborative Community Care
Group of Leaders having a meeting - 4C Board of Directors - Carolina Collaborative Community Care
Reach Out & Read of the Carolinas - 4C Community Based Partner

A national program that 4C assists in implementing at two of our local practices.


During well child visits between the ages of 6 months – 5 years, providers at these practices offer age appropriate books to children by utilizing the book for the parents. 


This is done to increase exposure to books, reading and promote early literacy for children.

Carolina Complete Health - 4C Community Based Partner

4C partners with Carolina Complete Health  to provide case management services for Tier I and II Medicaid clients within Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Moore, Robeson, and Sampson counties.


Carolina Complete Health is a provider-led health plan established to deliver Medicaid Managed Care in North Carolina.

Assuring Better Child Health & Development - 4C Community Based Partner

ABCD is a collaborative community workgroup that 4C serves as a direct service provider for.

Through Smart Start dollars provided by Partnership for Children, this workgroup/program focuses on the developmental and autism screenings that are performed at practices serving children 0-5 years of age and if the appropriate referrals and feedback from referral sources were received. 

Family Connects North Carolina Southeastern Region is a community-wide in-home nurse visiting program available to Cumberland, Hoke and Robeson County families with newborns.

The program is simple: A registered nurse visits a family’s home around 3 weeks after birth to check on mom, baby, and the whole family.


There is no cost to the family, and anyone living in Cumberland, Hoke or Robeson County with a newborn can participate, including foster and adoptive parents.

4C Programs


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