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4C Finishes the Year with the Month of December, 2023!

This Month 4C Observes National Influenza Vaccination Week, World AIDS Day, International Day of Persons with Disabilities and More!

Be sure to visit the Center For Disease Control and Prevention​ website for more information regarding National Influenza Vaccination Week and the importance of keeping up to date with Vaccinations, especially with Seasonal Flu Shots.

Other awareness observances for this month can be found by scrolling this page! 

We begin with the recognition of how far we have come to finding treatments and awareness to AIDS. This December 1st, take the time to learn a little about this illness. Click on the picture to get started.

The challenges of disabilities are daunting, but the people that have these disabilities prove you can live a full and healthy life. Throughout the world, we celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Click the Picture shown here for more details.

Getting the Flu Shot helps you fight the seasonal flu and not be stopped by it.

Get your flu shot today! Click the Picture to learn more.

Additional Observances This Month

Enjoy This Month of December and See You ALL on 2024!!!


Monthly Observances


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