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Starting the Summer with the Month of June, 2024,
Carolina Collaborative Community Care can help make your health decisions just as delightful!

During this month, 4C is Observing Men's Health Awareness Month, World Sickle Cell Day, Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month and More!

Be sure to visit the Center For Disease Control and Prevention​ website for more information

regarding the challenges imposed by Sickle Cell Disease. Use this information as a way to understand how Sickle Cell affects peoples' lives.

Other awareness observances for this month can be found by scrolling this page!

Additional Observances This Month

Many talk about PTSD, but not many know of its symptoms. Here is a small video that can help explain and offer insight to these symptoms, so we are able to act accordingly.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an ever present illness that most veterans battle with, every single day. There IS treatment to manage this challenge; you are not alone. Click the picture or the link here to get started.

A conditional that can occur since birth, Sickle Cell Disease can be very debilitating, if left unchecked, these cells will block smaller blood vessels, causing muscles connected to those vessels to get damaged. To be more informed, you can click the picture; you can also click the link here.

From June 1st to the 30th, this is the Month for Men to keep an eye on their health and work towards keeping healthy and long living. We at 4C are also providing a discussion, "Tight 'N It Up" courtesy of us. For more information about Men's Health, click the picture or here to get started.

Keeping on track with mental health and well being, another common mental issue is the migraine. These, along with headaches can be symptoms of greater health challenges, so awareness of the signs and symptoms help to mitigate moments ahead. Click the picture or click the link here to get started.

Along with physical health, a prevailing illness of the mind also affects citizens in our community as well. Dealing with Alzheimer's is trying, but assistance is available. Click the picture to learn more, along with the link here.

Also, check us out during Community Events!


Monthly Observances


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